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One Hawks Tee: 5 Ways to Wear It

The Sportsanista is back at it again to talk Chicago sport fashion – and specifically, Blackhawk fashion! Back in October, when our city was convinced the Bears were heading to the Super Bowl, I showed you how to wear a Sporty Threads’ Bears t-shirt five ways. Well, the Bears’ season didn’t turn out the way we had hoped, but we sure had fun rocking the Bears’ look all season long.

This time, we are back at it again with another fabulous Sporty Thread’s find and donning the look for what else, the red-hot Blackhawks.

With the Chicago Blackhawks breaking franchise and NHL records left and right, there’s never been a better time to show your pride and support the Hawks’ ridiculous win streak than with a killer look. Nothing says “go get ‘em boys” quite like a vintage Hawks tee, some leather leggings and pumps!

Sporty Threads Vintage tee: $32.00

This Chicago Blackhawksvintage v-neck tee from Sporty Threads ($32.00) has so much versatility to anchor any look; and you guessed it, I’m going to show you how! Just remember, as we did last time, we are going to have to take some fashion risks here, but don’t worry….we will do them together. Shall we?

LOOK #1: Casual Friday at Work

It’s March, which means Spring has sprung, or at least in my mind it has, and these pants are bright enough they’d put Puxatony Phil right back in his hole. Floral print pants are all the rage this Spring, so if all the cool kids are doing it, so should you! Pair them with a nude pump to off set the pattern in the pants and logo in the shirt. Nothing like a made to order Casual Friday look for work!

Pants: Ann Taylor LOFT (AND on Sale!) | Pumps: Steve Madden

LOOK #2: A Night Out on the Town/Game-day at the United Center

The hottest trend we have seen all year are leather pants. There is nothing more sleek and attractive than a great pair of these bad boys! This look has ease and comfort, but that’s a secret no one needs to know! 

The clear pumps are all sorts of amazing and another trend this Spring. It’s a no fuss, on-trend look, to wear for a night out on the town with your friends. I say, be daring and wear this look to a game….you might just melt the ice.

Pumps: Lori’s Designer Shoes | Pants: Ann Taylor

LOOK #3: Heading to the grocery store or the Mall? Have Tommy Hawk come with!

Is there a dress code for shopping at the mall or grocery store? No, but there should be on some occasions. Here is a great way to dress up your Hawks tee, but not by over doing it. The white tuxedo blazer is added in for a level of sophistication and to give you some shape! Pair the blazer and tee with a pair of distressed denim to add some edge, and top it off with some mint pumps; now that’s a cherry on top! Tis the season for color!

Pumps: Forever 21 | Blazer: Aryn K(similar)

LOOK #4: Warrior One Pose in a Hawks Tee

Headed to the gym or a yoga class? Trade in your Lululemon tank for the Hawks tee. The cotton is super lightweight, and great for any workout.  Finish the look off with some flare like a military-esque jacket, a skull patterned scarf and of course, some flashy NIKE’s. Guarantee you that everyone will ask you where your outfit is from – or at least give you a “Go HAWKS”!

Scarf: Nordstroms | Jacket: Gap (similar)

LOOK #5: Let’s Brunch

Brunching: A glutenous combo of breakfast and lunch, consumed late morning, early afternoon, all while being fashion forward.

To live in Chicago, means you partake in a brunch affair at least once a week. With Spring (the real spring) just around the corner…and the snow slowly melting….start prepping your spring brunch looks with the Hawks tee in mind. The tee gives the look a casual edge…how do you like that word combo? Pink, lace, denim, and the Hawks, Oh My! This look would work well with a bright skirt or a neutral color skirt. If you go the neutral skirt route, I suggest you add a bright pump for an extra kick in your step!

Skirt: H&M (similar) | Denim Shirt: Banana Republic (similar) | Belt: H&M (similar)

Model: Mary Krosnjar, a.k.a, the Sportsanista

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Hockey (and the Blackhawks) are Baaaaaa-aaack!

Prep for the Upcoming Season

by Monica Murphy-Vargas – January 24, 2013

Chicago BlackhawksBetter late than never! That’s the mantra of NHL fans as the 123-day NHL lockout is now behind us and fans anxiously look forward to a condensed 48-game season.

After bringing the Stanley Cup back to Chicago in June of 2010 after 49 years, the Blackhawks have been attempting to return to greatness after being eliminated in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs the past two years. But after watching the opening weekend of the Hawks season, it’s obvious that the team has the right talent and chemistry to get back to the Stanley Cup Finals this year and seem more determined than ever to return the Cup to Chicago (its rightful home).

If the last time you paid attention to the Blackhawks was during that drunken spring of Stanley Cup and Patrick Kane sightings, it’s time to get back on the Blackhawks bandwagon. Need some convincing and some guidance on how to get started? You’ve come to the right place.

First…the Must-Know Season Details:

  1. With the NHL lockout delaying the season by three full months, the normal 82-game season has been condensed to 48 games. Playoffs will last until the end of June and weeks will be packed with three to four games making the season an exhausting one for players. See the full Blackhawks schedule here.
  2. Due to the condensed schedule, the Blackhawks will only face Western Conference opponents this season. No Devils, Rangers, Bruins or Flyers (thank goodness) – to name a few of the East Coast foes the Hawks will avert.
  3. The Hawks play 10 of their first 12 games on the road leaving you plenty of time to save up some cash for those Hawks tickets when they begin an eight-game home stance in mid-February.

Sporty Threads Blackhawks SweatshirtHow to Prep for the Season Ahead:

  1. Get to know the roster. Fortunately, not much has changed from the 2011-12 season. The big guns – Kane, Toews, Hossa, Keith and Crawford – are all still in place with a solid second line definitely worth committing to memory. Check out our “Ten Hawks Every Fan Must Know” for the full list. Chock full of international hotness and talent, this is a must-read.
  2. Circle the big games and get to the Madhouse. Big upcoming match-ups to keep on the radar: February 15 vs. the San Jose Sharks (Hello Valentines Day!), February 19 vs. the Vancouver Canucks, and February 25 vs. the LA Kings. Hawks tickets are easily attainable. Get on StubHub or TiqIQ, hit up your boss and take clients, grab your GFs. Hell, call me! I’ll go.
  3. Get some hot Hawks gear. We’re crushing on this vintage burnout boat neck sweatshirt from Sporty Threads. 
  4. Know your stuff! If you’re going to walk-the-walk, then be sure you can talk-the-talk. You know what we mean. Be in the know. Watch the games. Follow the season, know the strengths and weaknesses of the team. Need some help? Follow us daily on SportsDivas, Inc.We highlight and re-cap the big games and provide the 411 on the game and the season, all with a woman’s POV!


Get ready, ladies. Winter in Chicago is about to heat up thanks to the Blackhawks back on the ice! Stay on top of the hottest Chicago sports news and the latest scene with The Weekend Roster: the smart girl’s guide to the best of the sports weekend. Sign up here.

About the Author: Monica Murphy-Vargas

Monica Murphy-Vargas is the Founder of SportsDivas, Inc., the web-based sports and lifestyle magazine that streamlines the hottest sports news - all with a woman’s style and perspective.

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One Bears Tee: 5 Ways to Wear It

Bears Boatneck Tee

Chicago Bears Boatneck T-Shirt

As every Sportsanista knows, the final stretch of the NFL season is enough to make even the savviest sportsanista’s head spin. From worrying about making the playoffs, to what in the hell to wear as the stakes (and crowds) on Game Day Sundays heat up…there’s a lot to looking the part and knowing the game this time of year.

The great thing about being a Chicago sports fan is that when it comes to fashion, pretty much anything goes. With the Bears leading the NFC North at 8-3, you could rock a Bears tee in the formalist of occasions, without getting too many strange looks. To prove this point, I’ve paired this adorable Sporty Threads boatneck Bear’s tee with pieces that are on trend for fall and winter that are functional and comfortable for any situation…..and I mean ANY…..going to the game, watching the game at a bar or a friend’s house, a shopping date, girls night out, Fright night dinner…whatever your little heart desires.

Pairing any shirt five ways requires pushing the fashion limits and taking a few risks….are you with me? Think leather, fur, military jackets, colored denim, shorts and patterned tights. My best fashion secret? For unexpected variety, try wearing the shirt backwards. Yes, this is me being serious and it was easy with this edgy “Monsters of the Midway” script displayed on the back side.  I mean every team has two sides….offense and defense, so why shouldn’t fashion? To see more of the Sportsanista looks during the week, check her out by clicking here!

Look #1: Sunday Afternoon Game:

Soldier Field or Lincoln Park sports bar, can you look like a bigger Bears fashionista than by wearing a FUR vest?!….Bear Down!

Chicago Bears Women's Tee

Sunday afternoon game

Pants: Ann Taylor; Vest: Via Spiga – similar; Socks: Hue; Boots: Vince Camuto – similar

Look #2: Casual Friday that leads to Happy Hour

Don’t wait for “Show your Bears pride day” at work to sport this look from 9a-5p. The combination of biker cool, khakis and booties will keep everyone guessing.

Chicago Bears Women's T-shirt

Casual Friday

Jacket: Nordstrom; Pants: Gap – similar; Booties: Michael Antonio; Sunnies: Ray Ban

Look #3: Saturday Shopping or Sunday Viewing Party at a Friend’s Place

Comfort is king when it comes to kicking it at a friend’s place on game day, but we all know how a causal viewing party can turn into a night out somewhere later. Throw on taupe booties and pastel skinnies to keep things fresh and interesting.

Chicago Bears women's apparel

Saturday Shopping

Vest: Jcrew; Pants: Gap – similar; Shoes: Nine West

Look #4: Sunday Game Day at one of Chicago’s Finest Bars!

Even some of the swankiest joints in town now call themselves “sports bars” come Sunday to rope in thirsty fans looking to keep the weekend party going. Top off your look with this bright fuchsia slouchy beret and nude/pink pumps to impress the cocktail set.

Chicago Bears Boatneck Tee

Chicago’s Sunday Hot Spot

Chicago Bears Women's Boatneck T-shirt


Jacket: Gap – similar; Jeans: Easy Money; Shoes: Steve Madden; Hat: Nordstroms – similar

Look #5: Friday Night Drinks with Friends

The toughest look to pull off, but worth the most creative style points…throw a sophisticated curve ball with this detailed tights and formal shorts combo. A bright red lip..and wa-la! It’s time to hit the town.

Chicago Bears Junkfood tee

Friday night

Shorts: H&M – similar; Tights: Nordstroms; Booties: Michael Antonio

Model: Mary Krosnjar

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Sport Your Sporty Threads

If you’re looking for comfortable, stylish and all around fantastic sports apparel to wear to your favorite sports event then you need to try Sporty Threads! Sporty Threads is an online women’s sports apparel boutique based out of the Midwest that offers a variety of products for women such as: off-shoulder tees, crop tanks, burnout shirts, pants, lingerie and vintage hoodies. They provide women’s apparel for the NFL, NBA and MLB. They also have a collegiate collection for Illinois universities.

The first thing I noticed about my vintage Sporty Threads hoodie was how incredibly soft it is. It is the epitome of comfort (I have been wearing it ever since I got it in the mail today!) I love the fact that the sweatshirt fits me perfectly in all the right places, unlike most sweatshirts that are too big and bulky. The vintage print on the hoodie combined with the extreme softness makes it feel like a sweatshirt I’ve owned for a long time and will never get rid of. To me, that’s perfection.

While the market for Sporty Threads remains in the Midwest I can only hope the company expands their line to other markets. I have high hopes for Sporty Threads and know the company will be a huge hit in the women’s sports fan apparel.

Visit their website at www.sportythreads.com

Original Article: http://www.hergamelife.com/2012/11/sporty-threads/

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Maybe you’re sick of shopping, but inevitably you have more people on your list. Maybe it keeps growing, and it’s not like you can just give your naughty friends coal. You’re no Santa, either, so forget about having the elves make the gifts. You have to get out there. Well, if you have any sports fans on your list, we thought we’d give you some pointers.

1. Sporty Threads: This is the ultimate gift for trendy NFL, college, MLB, NHL and NBA apparel for women. Have a girlfriend that’s a big sports fan? No problem. Grab an amazing off-the-shoulder tee, crop tank, burnout shirt or vintage hoodie with her favorite team’s logo! Founder, Kristine Regan, is selling quality, fashion-forward sports fan apparel for women that does not cost an arm and a leg. She knew there was a shortage of great women’s apparel that didn’t have an overpriced tag on it and PINK plastered all over the front. Her boutique is newly opened, and the gear is perfect for a holiday gift during a busy sports season!!

Original Article: http://cheekychicago.com/gift-guide-for-sports-fans

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